Saturday, May 26, 2007

personal space

hammy 3
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Today after swimming I was getting dressed. My locker was in the far left corner of the three-sided bank of lockers. I sat at my stool. I still had to put on my shirt and my shoes. A tall very sweaty 50-ish man came into the bank of lockers. He had thinning wettish hair pulled back into a tiny ponytail, above which loomed the bald pate of his head. He reeked of sweat. There was a stool next to me with an old towel on it. "Is this yours" he grunted at me. I shook my head. He glared at me and took the towel and dropped it on the ground. Then he sat on the stool about four inches from my left side, stifling me with his b.o. He was the perfect example of a certain type of 50-ish man, straight, with compromised hygiene and no sense of other people's space. I very quickly threw my shirt on and my shoes and got out of there fast.

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she said...

-perhaps he is the father of those obnoxious, loud kids on the train you posted about a while back ")