Saturday, May 19, 2007


And in those times, the ones I mentioned in my last post, I was still unaware of the world as a place where something like this travesty could be allowed to happen. In this country rich people grow richer on the backs of others and avoid paying taxes so that the have-nots more often than not descend into lives of hardship and grief.

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she said...

i have "must log in" burn out, so did not log in to read the entire article, but know from the title alone it is a horrible story that can be multiplied out and squared

i know there are people actively working on solutions to our health care crisis

i know there are many unevolved, selfish, greedy, frightened people in the world

but i meet, on many, many occasions caring people too.. just this week, read about students from our local highschool who, instead of spending the big bucks on their attire, limo's and dinner's for their highschool prom's..

chose not to attend and gave that money to people more in need

and just yesterday met two different women who adopted children out of orphanages

when mass media begins to shine the light on all the goodness in this world.. all the philanthropy.. volunteers.. activists.. intelligent people with problem solving skills

when it showcases resolution over conflict

this will contribute dramatically to global health and welfare

i think it is counterproductive and too generic to lump blame on "rich people"

there are far too many caring, contributing, problem-solving, volunteering, philanthropic rich people to make this accurate

it never seems to serve us positively, to lump any group, be it by race, sexual orientation, political affliation, economic, geographic or educational background

it's been my experience, that unevolved, unenlightened people come in all shapes, sizes, and from every different background

equally true for enlightened, caring people

as one of america's uninsured.. i'm aware i'm only some bad luck away from living in my car

but quite honestly, i'd rather be the person who lives out of her car than the person with three or four homes they never use.