Sunday, June 03, 2007

home alone

self portrait with jug
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I am home today. I am not really alone, as I have my little family here. Patsy has a bit of an upset digestive tract. I hope she has not caught something from Hammy. I think it might be that she ate some of his kitten food, and it is quite rich for adult cats. She is acting fine, her usual elegant playful self. I am just finishing up school work for the year, end of year stuff. It is suddenly cool and windy out, and i can finally turn off the loathsome air-conditioning. As much as I need it, it bothers me. It also makes my ear hurt. You know how that guy has drug-resistant TB? I think I have a drug-resistant permanent ear infection.

* * * * * * *

Yesterday I went to Barney's. Their summer sale is on and I need a hat to protect my fair self from the sun. Also whatever else might appeal. But I left empty-handed. The hat I wanted was still $400 and nothing else seemed that interesting, or if it was it was too expensive. So for the nth time I have gone to Barney's and bought nothing. I think it signals the end of an era for me.


she said...

isn't that just how it is sometimes...

health, peace, happiness and hope

all having a picnic together

then the ants come or you get stung by a bee or find mold on your bread


i've never been to a barney's.
-but this makes me wonder, what is the highest amount of money i've ever paid for any one clothing item? why? and was it worth it?

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

A $400.00 hat????? Mein Gott!!