Sunday, June 17, 2007


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This is Mabel, a week after her haircut. She is looking particularly serious in this picture, which I took on Friday.

Yesterday was bizarre. I decided to go to the beach. So with Y in tow I set on my way. But it was a trip marred by mishap. First, I forgot my wallet, so while driving I was extra careful, since had I been pulled over I would have no ID or license or anything to show for myself. Then, upon arriving, I realized I had no swimming suit. Yes. The water was quite cold, though, so I probably would not have gone in anyway.
Then the magazine I had brought with me turned out to be a copy of the NEW YORKER which I had read cover-to-cover. So no reading.

Finally, after a long nap, we headed back. My eyes were quite dry and irritated. I was wearing my contact lenses, as I usually do at the beach. So while driving I pulled out my eye drops and artfully dripped a few into my left eye. Instant searing agony! They were not the right drops. In fact, they were ear drops! How I managed not to crash the car is still a mystery. The LIE was crowded, the traffic fierce, and I was semi-blind, screeching as tears poured down my face.


she said...

serious, but perpetually sweet, that mabel

-glad you made it back home safe after that bizarre/painful day

and i wonder if forgetfulness is a transitional symptom resulting from your stopping your meds?

if it will correct itself over time...?

or -just one of those days

about a boy said...

my god man. be careful!