Monday, June 11, 2007


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In keeping with my theme for the weekend, on Saturday evening I went to BAMCafé to hear Sussan Deyhim, the Iranian-born singer/composer/sound artist. She was performing with two other musicians, one who played a cymbalom-type thing and another drummer (awesome). She played a variety of electronic processing devices and sequencers and such. It was great. Amazing music. She has an enormous vocal range. And such technique. She did this song using throat-singing technique. I loved every minute of her music. And there was this charming, laid-back vibe to the whole thing, people wandering in and out, not all the posturing one might expect. It just shows that Brooklyn is really the place to be.

But all weekend I just could not believe how many tourists there were everywhere. And in Brooklyn. So maybe Brooklyn is over too. What's next? Staten Island...eek.

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she said...

okay.. what am i lookin' at there... is that one of your paintings? beautiful! striking, those colors and then the texture and illusion of motion

-damn tourists!

can i be one