Saturday, July 28, 2007


vivid flower
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I am feeling much better. And today I scored some more cool stuff in the continued upgrade of my home. I bought this Chilewich rubber rug for the living room. I know it sounds odd, but here, take a look. Mine is saffron, and feels incredible to walk on. The family loves to lie on it. And I got some excellent large pillows to replace the cushions on my sofa, making it look new again. All for less than $200, thanks to the DWR warehouse outlet sale.


medusa said...

Hey, I found out that I worked with a former student of yours. (She doesn't work with me anymore, having moved on.) Tonight I went to a party at her parents' house and met her brother, who is not only a former student of yours, but also will be a fellow teacher come fall. His name is Max, and he said you were one of the reasons he chose to pursue music as a career. My worlds are colliding. My (potential) new apartment is a half block from our school. I will meet Mabel yet.

medusa said...

sorry, I meant "your" school,not "our" school

she said...

perfect picture for the occasion

-and- reading medusa's comments:

i see you've been a successful catalyst and inspiration

-always the greatest reward for any teacher -congrats!