Sunday, July 08, 2007


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Hammy, who is slightly cross-eyed, really hit it big for this photo. Stunning, no?

Yesterday the Boredoms, an avant-garde Japanese band of long-standing, gave a performance in Fulton Ferry Park along with 77 drummers. It was quite an event, sort of like a massive hipster street party, and I had a great time. Afterward a bunch of us climbed to the roof of a friend's building on Jay Street in Dumbo and hung out. The streets were teeming with people, there was nary a Range Rover in sight, and it felt, at least for an evening, like the New York I love.

This morning I went to look at a few coops in Ft. Greene that sounded attractive, mostly because one, a "loft-like studio," came with a private outdoor space. But what a joke. The "outdoor space" was a narrow sliver that one could hardly stand sideways in; there was not even a door leading from the apartment to it, but the broker cheerfully told me that the building had already granted permission to have a door cut through the wall. Wow! I wish brokers would just be honest and not mislead people. I would never have hauled my ass over there at 10 on a sweltering Sunday morning for that. But I should know better. At least every apartment I see makes me realize, more and more, how great my own place is.