Monday, July 16, 2007


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I am feeling a little guilty and very sluggish this morning. I didn't swim as I had planned to, opting instead to go back to sleep. I did not get up until almost nine, which is the equivalent of a non-sleep-challenged person sleeping until three pm. The weekend was tiring. Saturday I drove to PA to see my cousin and bring my aunt to Manhattan. She is attending a convention and staying at the Hilton in midtown. It was a driving day. Once in PA my cousin piled us into her hulking SUV to show us some sights, including the house she is buying and also her horses, both of whom are beautiful (but this pony, in the picture, lives in Hudson and is not my cousin's horse). My aunt has an adorable puppy, a Shetland Sheepdog. I wanted to steal him.

Driving back I had to go to the Hilton, and I must say that driving in Manhattan, particularly in the theater district (one of my absolute least-favorite parts of the city) was enough to quickly give me a nervous breakdown. I did survive though, and I have almost never been so happy to get back to boring old Brooklyn Heights.

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yet another great shot


yuck. bet the water will feel extra wonderful when you jump back in