Wednesday, August 01, 2007

another nail in the...

Carnegie Hall is evicting its long-term tenants from the studios where for decades musicians, dancers, writers, and artists have found a creative community. It is yet another resounding nail in the coffin that houses the artistic/cultural community of New York. Greed has no end. Art for "art's sake" is a naive and silly idea, it seems. If you don't have the flash or PR chops to make it in the fast world you are finished. I feel like some sort of dinosaur.

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she said...

this breaks my heart long distance.

-but art is incapable of surrender and will never be (exclusively) inspired by money

for as long as babies are born to people who are not rich

so will art manifest

it does not wait for the perfect circumstance

art is a stronger life force than greed.

this is sad news yes; but barely an obstacle for the inspired among us

this creative community will not die; just relocate

and no doubt the experience itself will breed more art

there's just no shakin' us