Tuesday, August 14, 2007


books on yellow shelf
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Back in Brooklyn. Actually I returned on Sunday. Upstate was productive. I returned to working on music. But now I am working on a new kind of thing, writing songs for a band I am putting together. I don't want to reveal much about it, but so far I am very pleased with what is happening.

The weather was conducive to working. Thursday was overcast. Friday it rained heavily most of the day. Saturday was glorious and I spent time at the pool. Sunday was also beautiful, but it was a driving day.

I went swimming this morning. The lifeguard was sleeping. On the way back I went to the farmers' market at Borough Hall and bought kale, tomatoes, and flowers.

Oh, and the big news: yesterday Hammy was neutered, poor guy. But today he acts as if nothing happened and is his usual funny sweet self. Mabel was nearly hysterical when I took him out in his carrier; she gets very upset whenever one of her friends leaves.


she said...

you are writing songs

you are swimming

you are shopping

happy at home with your family

the break and rest has served you well. look forward to hearing a sample of your new band from a link one day

about a boy said...

isnt upstate great?!?!? it did my body good. glad it did the same for you.