Wednesday, August 08, 2007

enormous changes at the last minute

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This is Spencer, my aunt's puppy. He has nothing to do with this post, but he is so cute that I wanted to post his picture here.

Rather than go to Montreal, I am taking advantage of a generous invitation and going back to Hudson for a few days. Montreal was going to be a quick trip, lots of driving and relatively short stay. So I reconsidered, and will go there during the year for a week, giving myself and my traveling companions more time to enjoy ourselves (and also cooler weather, since cities are best enjoyed in times other than summer as far as I am concerned).

So I will have a nice sojourn in my beloved upstate locale, see the horses, cook on the grill, swim in the pool, and generally relax. And a two-hour drive beats a seven-hour drive any time.

Apparently the city is in a mess due to the enormous storms that occurred this morning. I have to say I slept through most of it, which is sort of miraculous, given my usually shallow sleeping patterns. There was a tornado in Bay Ridge, according to what I am hearing. Scary.

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and big yes! -two hour drive; beats seven hour drive anytime

"to a wonderful sojourn"