Tuesday, August 21, 2007


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The alarm went off at seven am. I sensed that it was darker than it normally is at that hour, and went to the window. Lifting the blinds I saw that it was raining very hard. No swimming for me. I went back to bed and slept another hour.

This is the second day I have skipped swimming. I had planned to go yesterday and today. But I am feeling lazy lately, and since school starts the week after Labor Day I need to be lazy while I can do so with impunity.

It is now half past one and it is still raining steadily. Since I had to move the car I went to Fairway. So the day is not a total loss.

So anyone who hoped to find something interesting or thought-provoking here will be disappointed. My existence, at least for now, seems unremarkably mundane.

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she said...

i get so frustrated with the way people (not just you, but including you) default to the word "lazy" anytime they are not in ultra-active, productive mode.

lazy has such specific, and negative, connotations attached

you inspire to me to create a new word...

and i will pray today

"can you believe that?!? how he used existence and unremarkable and mundane in the same sentence!?

..living, breathing, human-being, with all those muscles, bones, veins, skin, blood, thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams... from a microscopic union between a sperm and an egg


what a sense of humor he has, huh God"