Tuesday, August 28, 2007


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I am not anonymous on my blog because I repeatedly, narcissistically, post photographs, self-portraits. I don't use my full name, or even part of my name, though. But if you read my blog and you have a good memory for faces and you live in Brooklyn, especially the Heights/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Ft Greene area you have undoubtedly seen me at some point.

It doesn't matter really because I don't think there is much that is scandalous in these many many posts. Surprising, perhaps, to some; maybe I reveal things that one might never suspect about me. But I treat my blog like I treat my own history/self: I try not to hide anything, but I am by nature reserved and so I don't run around proclaiming my sexuality, my struggles with depression and bipolar disorder and such. They are essential parts of me. But I am rarely one to proclaim things about myself so publicly. This blog is a big step.

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she said...


you inspire me again to create new words

there just has to be an alternative to "lazy", for when we are not in ultra-productive mode

and there must also be alternatives to "narcissistic" when we pay any attention to and observe ourselves in any way

and, not in this post, but also a commonly misused word: selfish.


if more people, more often, shared themselves honestly with others

the entire planet would reap reward; immediately

i'm grateful for your every post. treasure every shared photo, painting and word i'm privileged to see and read.