Thursday, August 02, 2007


Originally uploaded by madabandon.

I was up late last night configuring my computer network. I replaced my wireless router with an "airport extreme" base station from Apple, so that I can print wirelessly, have a faster connection, and send things from computer to computer (I have two) more easily. Don't I sound like I am being paid by Apple? All went well, except that as I was carrying my macbook into the office room, I dropped it. Slam! It fell heavily on the ground. And it was on! But miraculously, it seems fine. I am using it now. The cd drive made noises like it was trying to eject something, but I popped a cd in, ejected it, and since then all is well. I even ran a check using Tech Tool Deluxe. The new setup is very fast and I have to say that the airport router is cool looking, with its one glowing green light.


she said...

sweet photo

-and, i no nothing of what you speak here, but it sounds as delicious and complex as wine

medusa said...

you are clearly not plagued by the computer gremlin that haunts me!