Monday, September 17, 2007

circling back

ceiling at the met museum
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When I started my blog I thought of it as a way of expressing things that I did not address in my own art. Music, in its abstraction, does not pose concrete, specific issues. It is only metaphor, and exactly what a given piece is a metaphor "of" is utterly subjective. Photography and prose, on the other hand, use language that we share collectively. So I began. But now I feel like I have used up my capacity for this kind of expression, at least for the time being. So I will enter a state of semi-retirement. I will post pictures, perhaps write occasionally, but will no longer make the blog an ongoing, current artifact of my life. My depression has returned, big-time, and I need to focus my energies now on getting through my days and doing the things I need to do to keep composing and playing and teaching. This is not an end, but just a new approach.

But I will keep reading the blogs that I have come to enjoy and I will update here from time to time. I just need a rest. A well-earned rest.

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she said...

took a rest myself, and just returning. your posts are such a treasure to me; treasureS really

the concise, original writing, the paintings, music links, photography

your unique perspective -this is my favorite way to travel

into the soul and state of a fellow human being. thank you for sharing yourself and new york

selfishly; i want more.

respect the need for breaks of course.. but

and as i've come to learn a little about you.. feel comfortable offering my advise to keep or throw away

you know yourself inside and out. trust your own judgement regarding medication.

great photo as always!