Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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In two days, or actually less than two days, I will go to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. I am going to my brother's house--he lives in Manhattan, but bought a house on the Delaware River a few years back--where my family will gather along with friends of mine and my brother's girlfriend. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, the only holiday I really enjoy.

I am happy because I have a little break from the hectic schedule that I have been maintaining the last two months. I am always busy lately. Even my composing time is tightly scheduled. And I need a break. So tomorrow I will stay home, cooking, relaxing, perhaps going to the gym but maybe not...I plan to enjoy my down time. Because it will be over all too soon. And I want to sleep. A lot, if possible. But I know that I will be lucky if I can sleep any more than usual, because sleep seems to be the source of constant deprivation in my busy life.

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she said...

safe travels ~ good visits ~ rest/relaxation

and a happy thanksgiving to you & yours!

love, ~s.