Friday, December 21, 2007

looking up

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Things in the composing department have been revving up. In the past two weeks I have received some surprises, all good. One piece is going on a European tour. Another is going to be performed at the Monadnock Music Festival in New Hampshire this summer. This is a wonderful festival that draws some of the best performers from NYC and Boston. Two of my pieces were just featured on, a website featuring new music of many genres. This is all good. And now I have a decently long break from teaching during which I hope to make real headway on the tabla/choral piece. I hope the gray, soulful winter sky remains; it seems to bring out the best in my imagination. No wonder I was drawn, perversely, to Chicago.

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she said...

excellent news! -your photography is being recognized, appreciated and shared; your music is being recognized, appreciated and shared

..and if i have my way about it..

your writing will be recognized, appreciated and shared also

all that.. and you made to break

"to a new year full of more good surprises!" love, ~s.