Monday, December 03, 2007

What Have I Been Lamenting All These Months?


she said...

i have many thoughts..

need to organize them and will return...

love, ~s.

she said...

213 aging artists.. what a place to i-spy my lucky number.

this brings out the activist in me. i imagine spear-heading a "life without artists" event

where a group of artists go remove ALL the art from a beautiful hotel, let's say

so, no music playing over the speaker systems

no books/magazines on shelves -no stories, poetry..

not one photograph or painting on any walls

no sculptures, no beautiful, creative gardens

on and on. and once any building is void of all the contributions artists make, we quickly learn there is no such thing as "life without artist"

has something like this already been done a thousand times, i wonder?

it seems to me any high end condominiums that price out artists, should also be banned from displaying or utilizing any art

and i always return to the idea that we all need each other..

buildings need artists; artists need buildings

designated areas for artists.. recycled buildings; affordable housing within..

but artists will always find a way.. it's their nature.. so if they must migrate, they will.. and the loss is always to the communities that don't support them

which is generally a temporary situation, because the loss is so great

sometimes it must be experienced to be understood/appreciated.

and i love how this article closes: "more than 83% of aging visual artists said their profession brought them high self esteem, and they ranked high in overall "life satisfaction"

the high life satisfaction part is very true, from my observations and experience, and it is not contingent on geography

it is a gift that lives inside the artist; goes with the artist where ever the artist goes

but the threat is quite real isn't it.. new york is in grave danger if it loses it's artists

as a nation we are still healing from september 11th, with the rawest part of the wound in new york

artist's are such a large part of the cure; the healing process

bringing joy, beauty, hope and energy to the wounded; transcending pain in creative and productive ways, and teaching others, providing others with the means to do the same

new york is still healing

to push out artists any time.. but especially during this very important time, is not only dangerous, but so self-destructive

it is to create and digest your own poison

wake up! i want to shout

we should be adding to the quality of life.. adding value to each other's lives!

not voluntarily ex-communicating the very souls that help make life worth living.

... now, who do i mail this to?.. i'm in a mass-mailing kind of mood

much love, ~s.