Sunday, February 10, 2008


green leaves
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The average New York City resident produces 7.1 metric tons of greenhouse gases a year. The average American produces 24.5 metric tons of greenhouse gases a year. According to the NEW YORK TIMES, suburban living is not sustainable. No kidding.

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she said...

i think on some level, there is knowledge of this

changes coming very slow; but change is coming

and i like to observe this ultimate challenge, because that's what changing human behavior is

-the ultimate challenge. especially when we are talking about large populations, embedded in their lifestyles and thinking. there is no way to do big sweeping changes, like one might fantasize

erase; start over.. like one might fantasize

it's slow and awkward and painful and mostly slow..

start with educating;give that a decade...

but i see signs of hope around me everyday.. signs of progress small as a lightbulb, big as transportation

we have transcended complete ignorance, which is where we were as a society not too long ago

the problems are being brought to our attention..

we are seeking and have ideas for solutions

we are implementing change..

we are snails headed in the write direction