Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, it's happened. I bought a Blackberry. I got the small one which I must say is very well designed. I have reached the point professionally where I must be able to access my email, and this frees me from the computer. I will never--I swear--turn into one of those people who walks the streets of New York never looking up, but squinting down at the tiny screen flicking through messages. If you see me do that slap me.


medusa said...

My vice is playing solitaire on it while standing on the subway. My subway commute is only 2 stops and 7 minutes (Borough Hall to Wall Street) so it doesn't warrant carting around a book, but I like to keep occupied. I know that people assume I'm madly composing emails, but I'm just trying to beat the computer at "Hearts."

she said...

my God -don't let it take place of your camera

otherwise, seems a helpful/handy/portable/productive thing

and fun way to keep occupied -like medusa - on mass transportation

but i do see the madness... blackberry consumption

rude behaviors -ignoring people, blackberry always first

conversations w/friends/family interrupted 12 times in 3 minutes

-there must be an invisible priorities shift key- we need to toggle back

-you know the symptoms to look out for...