Wednesday, June 18, 2008



As a boy I loved growing plants, indoors and out. I was in charge of our vegetable garden in the summer; as I got older and took over the garden got larger and larger. I also worked as a gardener, mostly for some wealthy friends of my mother who had no kids; they had fastidiously landscaped ground surrounding their posh modern house, and I took care of the plantings and even planted some large shrubs and an asparagus garden (this is rather complex). I loved the work.

Well now I am on the board of directors of my builidng (a co-op, common in NYC) and I have taken on management of the garden as one of my projects. We have a wonderful gardener and I am excited to be able to get back to plants and all the work that goes with them. My light-filled apartment is not so great for most house plants, because my exposure is northeast, and I don't get enough full sun for most houseplants. Those that can grow get eaten or destroyed by Patsy and Hammy. But in my sun-filled apartment in Chicago I had a veritable jungle.

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she said...


this is a high gift! -glad to learn this, because i think hands-on time with plants, flowers, green-life, nature..

mutual caring; so wonderful for the soul

and enhancing to creativity in the most mysterious ways

-beautiful picture-