Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Patsy Cline and Johnny Guitar

guitar and mirror

My guitar now lives in my bedroom. The living room was too cluttered. So now Patsy has figured that the most effective way to wake me is to play the guitar early in the morning. She plucks a string or two, knowing full well that it won't fail to at least make me groan and send her away. I have to say she is somewhat considerate; having woken me, she doesn't bother me when and if I fall back asleep.

1 comment:

she said...

i love this post.

-picturing patsy pluck that gorgeous guitar..

-the successful ceiling fan installation; which IS a wonderful handyman accomplishment

and then my surprise to read your living room was too cluttered

the only pictures of your home i've seen on this blog are of rooms so..

utterly uncluttered. i've been wondering how a creative like yourself does it

and for me.. it seems it takes 3 minutes for clutter to reappear after 3 hours of the decluttering process

i just clean messes to make new messes; which i will do AGAIN today