Sunday, August 24, 2008


Pineapple Street

Well, this spot doesn't look like this now, but in a few months it will. The air has held the promise of fall the past several days until today the humidity put me back into summer. But it mattered little because I stayed in and painted the baseboards of my apartment (thrilling!) and worked.

Last weekend I went to New Hampshire to hear my "Hommage à B.B." beautifully performed at the Monadnock Music Festival. There was a very warm and interested audience and I gave a little talk about my piece at the start of the concert. It was fun overall. And New Hampshire is just beautiful. Why don't I live there?

1 comment:

she said...

wish i could have been one of the warm, interested audience members..

sounds wonderful (the festival, not the baseboards)

"to fall; full of promise"

love, ~s.