Tuesday, November 18, 2008

oh well

I had made a little promise to myself. When I finished my last commission (the new piece is called A SPACE BETWEEN, and it's a rather large composition) I was going to give myself a break; I didn't have another commission lined up, and I would take the opportunity to work on some electronic and electroacoustic pieces that I could perform myself. But lo and behold, unbidden, a new commission comes along. This is a large project involving many composers, all of whom will set poems by Richard Wilbur. The works will be performed at the Monadnock Music Festival in New Hampshire next summer. I will be in august company. I couldn't say no. The musicians I will write for are superb, and this is a wonderful festival with a stellar reputation. So no hiatus, at least not yet.


she said...


this sounds like a creative collaboration of the can't turn it down kind

not yet familiar w/this poet..

will go learn some now

i toast this morning to the "monadnock music festival!"

and "you!" love, ~s.

she said...


i get some of his content, but can't quite capture his cadence..

which poems will you work with i wonder

and on the topic of u.s. poet laureates

i've seen/read billy collins and kay ryan

polar opposites

anything goes -this is my conclusion