Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lost, continued

No, I am not lost. But I continue to lose small things. I lost my favorite eraser, which may not sound like a big deal (or any deal at all) but I am almost fetishistic about the materials I use to write music, and the eraser was one of them. I also lost a mechanical pencil that I also liked very much. I have realized that being absent-minded is harmful. The harm comes from the stress I go through when I endlessly search for the lost item. I must be mindful about each and every thing I do, so that when I find myself about to put the eraser in some obscure place I will stop myself.


bao said...

stop looking for them and oop here they are! you should consider wearing the alert:)

she said...

i spied my lucky number in your post time; thanks.


me too. and so i talk out loud to myself to help myself remember

"sandra.. you are putting your keys on the third shelf.. you just put your keys on the third shelf.."

or sometimes i set something down and then click myself on my forehead or pinch my arm to lock in what i've just done

helps tremendously.

love, ~s.