Tuesday, January 06, 2009

happy new year, belatedly

deep green

Green is far and away my favorite color, so I offer this green photograph as my greetings for the new year. So far so good. Things go along, days go by; I am busy almost all the time without a lot of time, lately, to reflect. I am finding that my mood is captive to my dreams, so I have been making a special effort to spend time upon waking reviewing the strange twists and plots of my usually colorful dreams. Mine are rarely all good or all bad, but seem to be a mixture of shades. I am happy to report that I feel content lately, with only some nagging physical complaints: a relentless sinus/respiratory problem that is resisting all my attempts to find relief.


she said...

beautiful and thank you! i love green too..

having vivid, frequent, intense dreams is a very positive occurence

hope you keep a dream journal
-even if its only bullet points

wishing you continued and growing contentment/fulfillment in the new year love, ~s.

she said...

i know you are a fellow aquarian, so just wanted to stop in and type,

"happy birthday!"

hope you are creatively, productively teaching, painting, taking photos & composing more magical music

love, ~s.