Friday, August 14, 2009


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Starting two new projects as the shadow of the school year looms makes me a little unsettled, yet nothing is a better motivator than a time crunch. So I move forward. It has been quite hot here in NYC and thus I have stayed inside, skipping the Francis Bacon show at the Met, due to close on Sunday. I am not actually a huge fan of his work but I did want to see it in the context of a retrospective. But the last few times I've gone to the Met it has been so crowded that it has made me grumpy. I don't like to be rushed, and I don't like the distraction of hordes of people walking past while I try to look. So unless tomorrow is magically cool and NYC is partially evacuated--although the latter feels true since most people go away in August--I will skip it.

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she said...

to have the met within visiting distance

but over-crowded/rushed

what a dilemma. no fair. i think i would have to find out the least populated hour(s)/day/time

and give it a try. please go, because you can go

and i'll pray for an usually low turn out during your visit

love, ~s.