Thursday, April 14, 2005


Speaking of cars, yesterday, having decided that the snow season is over, I took my car to Red Hook to get washed. I love my car. It is an old Volvo 240. It is the first "nice car" I have ever owned. All my previous cars were beaters, as we used to call them when I was growing up. My sister and her husband, who buy new cars frequently, like to suggest that my car is too old and that I should replace it. I plan to drive it until it dies. It is, by most standards, not a fashionable or fancy car, but I admire its efficient design, its lack of frills and gadgetry. It is also comfortable, reliable and safe. I try to keep it in good condition, and I try to be a responsible city car owner. I don't drive in the city unless absolutely unavoidable; I use it only to leave town, or when I have a gig that requires moving equipment. I take the subway 99% of the time. Sometimes in summer I drive around the city, when I know I can park, and I am transporting Mabel, but that is only because there is far less traffic then and I don't feel like I am contributing so much to the noise, congestion and smog that driving creates. I take Mabel on the subway, but she does get a little nervous.


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