Friday, July 01, 2005


That same summer, when I was nineteen, I worked as a lifeguard and coached a swimming team. So did Cristi. On our days off we would drive to Point Pleasant where there was a beautiful secluded swimming hole on property owned by a wealthy gay man, Wayne. Wayne was a friendly guy with an impish smile, and if he liked you you could swim at his place. Wayne approved of me, as Cristi had assured me he would, and he told me I could come swim any time I liked. The first time Cristi brought me there, Wayne kept taking my picture.

Most people there swam nude. So I got brave and did so too. One day, a rare day off in midweek, I went there by myself; Cristi was working. I walked to a rock overlooking the water, took off my clothes, and sat down to relax. This much older guy--I had seen him there before--sat a few yards away. I remember he had a huge dick. He was staring at me. I felt self-conscious but I didn't leave. After about twenty minutes he walked over. He asked me to go to his place ("It's right nearby") so that he could take pictures of me. "I will pay you," he told me. I could not imagine doing that. "No thanks," I said. I pulled on my shorts and walked away, to my car, and drove out of there.

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