Thursday, October 13, 2005

head, third day

This is the third (or is it the fourth) day of my headache. It comes and goes. The endless rain is the cause, I think. I do like the rain, as I have mentioned, but I am tired of it now. It has been raining since Saturday.

Yesterday walking to school to teach I tried to skirt a huge puddle, and stepped on a sheet of aluminum lying hidden underneath a shallow pool of water. My foot slipped forward suddenly, and in an effort to prevent myself from falling I twisted my left knee jarringly. Now it is very painful and swollen, and I fear I have aggravated the problem with my ACL, the same problem what I had in my right knee (corrected by surgery). I just hope it is not damaged too much because, having gone through that surgery once, I never wish to have it again. So wish me luck.

I bought this "pill plunger" to help with Pomona's medication. It makes it much easier to get the pill down her throat without actually having to use my fingers, which means fewer cuts for me, less stress for her, and more happiness all around. I do think the medication is helping and she is gaining weight slowly but steadily. At least I can no longer feel the acute sharpness of her bones.


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