Friday, October 14, 2005

strange dreams

Last night I had a dream that was interestingly mixed up. I can't recall the chronology of the different scenes, but here are a few of them. I was teaching (my current students) but I would show up for class and the room would be empty. Then, perplexed, I would find my class of students sitting, attentively waiting, in some other, random room. The building was not the same as the one I actually teach in; it was modern, not old, and had huge windows.

I was traveling on a plane to work. This, apparently, was my normal method for getting to school--not by foot, as I do now--and the flight was long. There was a group of regulars, people who always took the same flight, and my friend from college, N_______, was among them. When I arrived at my destination, somewhere in a rural setting, I was to coach a soccer team, and the players were diving into a river, one at a time, and speaking Hungarian to me, which I could understand.

I was in New Orleans, living there, and had gone to a jazz club to hear my childhood friend R. play with his band. They left me an ashtray with a joint at the table that was reserved for me. I was some sort of special guest. The table, when I arrived, was occupied by carefully made-up women with strong southern accents. When I approached they all got up and left. The odd thing is that R. never, in real life, played an instrument so far as I know.

I was negotiating to purchase the building where the club was located. The real estate agent kept telling me it was worth at least two million dollars, but I was going to pay substantially less. I told the broker that I was all ready to go, but I had to consult with my lawyer first.

When I woke up and recalled this last segment, I thought to myself "who in their right mind would make a major real estate purchase in New Orleans now?" With apologies to all those New Orleans residents who have suffered tremendous losses, it does seem an odd time to speculate on a future in New Orleans real estate.

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