Wednesday, November 16, 2005

conflict of interest?

I have true respect for Wynton Marsalis the musician. He is an excellent trumpet player. As artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, he has presented exciting programs and done a lot to increase public awareness of jazz. A gifted educator, he has introduced people to the richness of jazz heritage.

But I have a real problem with the manner in which he has used his position as a bully pulpit. He has commissioned himself numerous times, which to me seems a blatant misuse of his office. And now there is a concert which celebrates twenty-five years of Wynton Marsalis, featuring none other than the man himself with a string orchestra. Wouldn't it be better for someone other than the man himself to organize and intitiate a concert to celebrate this milestone? Makes me wonder...

I would like to know what goes on between Marsalis and the board of director of JALC. How can they condone the artistic director using their funds to continually commission himself when there are so many deserving musicians who could use the recognition that an organization like this provides?

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