Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Today's high temperature will be 68F. This is bizarre, considering that it is nearly December. I dislike unseasonable weather, with the exception of autumnal weather in the heat of summer.

* * * * *

The Catholic Church has issued a mandate to bishops to deny admission to any aspiring seminarian who has homosexual tendencies. This is being done in an effort to ameliorate the damage done to the reputation of the church in light of all the child molestation scandals that have erupted in the last few years. This seems slightly warped; they should deny admission to any pedophile. The vast majority of gay men (and women) I know, as well as the vast majority of straight men and women I know, are not sexually attracted to young children. Since a priest vows to be celibate, what does it matter who one is attracted to? And pedophiles, as I understand, are usually straight males. The pedophile-priests are just going for the most available prey.

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