Tuesday, November 29, 2005



I have been very busy with work lately. This is all well and good while I am there. But when I leave I feel utterly busted. I go to the gym and work myself into exhaustion, and then I feel like I will never sleep enough, and my head spins with worry that I am sinking into a deep depression. It is funny how, while working, I escape myself and feel ok. But once I stop it is like I have been slammed by a huge wave, like the one that hits you when you have your back turned and knocks you into the roiling surf.

And to add to my woes, I have to find a new doctor soon, as my psychiatrist will retire at the end of the year. This fills me with dread, because as anyone who has been under a psychiatrist's care knows, it is a very difficult relationship to establish. For me it looms too large, a huge wall that I can't imagine climbing past.

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Tristin said...

I'll be sending good vibes your way. From someone who's dealt w/this transition, it sucks but you'll acclimate. And p.s. I am a fan of 'Tender Buttons' too. Isn't G. amazing?