Saturday, December 10, 2005

new order

This country should really have a parliament like the UK or Japan. It is wrong that one party can hold all the power because of a small majority. While I try to assert my own political power, and while I live in a community that overwhelmingly opposes the Republican agenda, it seems that until this basic two-party system is overhauled, that we will always have this kind of bitter winner-take-all political atmosphere.

It's odd that I am devoting so much of my thought to politics. I used to be fairly apathetic; I cared very much about certain issues, but the details of politics left me cold. Mostly, they still do. My interest is more than an "interest." It is really a focus that comes from the outrage I feel at what is going on. War, dismantling of social services, entrenched religious fundamentalism, and the erasing of the crucial socio-cultural advances that happened when I was a kid, that seemed to promise that we might actually reach a time of tolerance and peace as a country. When I think about it this way it just makes me despair.

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