Friday, December 09, 2005

on the brink

The US delegation walked out on international talks about global warming and climate change.

"It's such a pity the United States is still very much unwilling to join the international community, to have a multilateral effort to deal with climate change," said the leader of the African group of nations here, Kenya's Emily Ojoo Massawa.

"The administration just doesn't seem to get it. They don't understand the world is suffering from climate change," said Jennifer Morgan of the environmentalist group Climate Action Network.

The U.S. delegation had little public comment, maintaining the low profile it has generally kept at recent annual climate conferences.


Sometimes I really hate this country. Not for its past, but for how things are now. And I blame the people, because Bush won the election honestly this time around. Who on earth could justify voting for him and his corrupt, morally bankrupt administration? And now this. I love Montreal. I think I should just go north.

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