Friday, December 16, 2005

thank you

I am truly grateful for the good advice I have received the last day or so. So I am taking you up on your suggestions, in a modified way. I am trying to have a self-indulgence day and a self-esteem day. I had a shiatsu last night because my back has been killing me. The guy I use remarked on how intensely knotted my back was. The shiatsu, which is always a little painful, was agonizing but I felt much better when he was finished.

This morning I rearranged my little dining area, and the change feels right. Then I listened to this. I have written many pieces, over a hundred, but this one (not even my own composition but an arrangement of a Jobim tune I did for Auréole's CD "Suenos de Amor") makes me happiest, I think. It is a beautiful beautiful song, and I loved writing it. I hope you like it. It is good in winter, because it reminds me of lying on the beach in Rio de Janeiro as I did in the past, the beauty of the ocean before me and the majestic mountains behind. And the musicians play so beautifully. They told me how they loved the piece, and you can hear it in their performance.


Nghiêm said...

It is a beautiful, soothing piece, Jonathan. Thanks for sending it my way.

Tristin said...

Yes, so beautiful! It brought a smile to my face. And my co-workers wondered what it was I was listening to. It sounds like you're on the right track to feeling better. Keep on keepin' on, the smallest things can make the greatest difference.

John said...

Delicate, gentle, and charming.