Thursday, July 27, 2006

dog daze

We are truly in the "dog days" of summer. The humidity makes the air feel like a damp blanket. Still I gamely go about my business. In the morning I had to run to the vet's to get Mabel her heartworm medicine. While there the vet tried to convince me to take home a kitten, this adorable little seven-week-old male who looks very much like Tuna did as a baby. But I resisted, although I did play with him for a while, tempted. Then I walked down into DUMBO to meet my brother for lunch. He was looking at apartments down there. It's a strange walk because one must traverse the on-ramp to the BQE, so it always feels a little bit dangerous. Damn, it was hot. Even with the breeze from the river people looked wilted. I spent the rest of the morning feeling insecure and intimidated by the brilliance and fame of my collaborators on OEDIPUS. I have to stop thinking this way or I will be paralyzed and won't be able to write a thing.

folds 2

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