Friday, July 28, 2006

a wink and a nod?

I think that Bush et. al. are too blind, and many too stupid, to know when a wink and a nod are really a "wink and a nod" or else a trick.
American officials say that while the Arab leaders need to take a harder line publicly for domestic political reasons, what matters more is what they tell the United States in private, which the Americans still see as a wink and a nod.

(from THE NEW YORK TIMES today)
Israel has got to stop pounding Lebanon. There has to be another way. What does fighting accomplish? I am sad these days because of what is happening in the world. When did things start to go so wrong? I don't think it was 9/11. Bush took 9/11 and used it as an excuse to set in motion what might very well turn out to be the war to end all wars. I hope he suffers into eternity. Him and all his cohorts, fools.

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