Monday, July 31, 2006


tuna looking up

Yesterday Y and I went to Jones Beach early. It was beautiful, though hot, and the sandflies were obnoxious. The water felt great. I left shortly after noon, as the sun got too hot and the beach was getting mobbed. When we got back, Tuna started having a very bad coughing attack. I sat with him and helped him sit up and petted him until he started to relax. His breathing was very bad and even when it settled it was still labored, much more than I have ever seen it before. So this morning I took him the vet. Dr N gave him a shot for a possible asthma situation; she said that if he does not respond he must come back but that I should prepare for the worst, as breathing problems like this in an old cat are very worrisome. He can't have an xray or tests to check his heart because of his age and condition. So today we will have a nice day in the cool of the air-conditioning (it is very hot again). I feel numb right now but I am hoping for the best. But he does not look well and he is breathing with some difficulty still.


John said...

Dear old thing. I hope he gets better. Apologies if you've mentioned this before, but how old is he?

Gorgeous picture by the way. Looks like an oil painting.

madabandon said...

Tuna is almost as old as Pomona; he turned 17 in May (actually I am not positive it was May, as he was very tiny when I got him but no one knew his exact age. So I gave him a birthday of May 2).

Thierry said...

Give a "bisou" for me to Tuna. I hope he gets better. He's a such a good boy.