Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday I gave up on working. I did some yoga to relax, fell asleep for an hour in the afternoon, went swimming, came home, did laundry, and then watched my latest Netflix acquisition, AFFLICTION. I had read Russell Banks's novel a few years ago. It was haunting. The film was as well. It is the story of one man's rapid spiral into self-destruction. As is typical in those cases, he takes others down with him. I am not a Nick Nolte fan but he was powerful in this film. Afterwards, I could not sleep, felt so restless, and stayed up until 3 am. Now--it is shortly before 9 am--I feel like a veil of gauze is wrapped loosely around me. And I still feel so sad.

I experimented more with the polarizer filter for my camera, and I got some good pictures while walking Mabel in the early evening.

ivy and window

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