Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I am tired and frustrated. I keep thinking that I should be fine and ok with all of this--Pomona and Tuna--and move on and get back to work and all that. But I am not over it and I can't focus and I just feel really desperately sad. It's like I am trying to break through a wall, but instead I just keep hitting myself over and over again. But why should I be ok? Why should I be over it? They were part of my life for a long time, a very beloved part of my life. I am trying to find some kind of solace in working on Oedipus. An aged man, at the end of his days...sound and fury and beauty and peacefulness.

Some people have an attitude that "they are just pets, not people." They aren't people, it's true. But for me they were as important as any person I have known. Does that make me weird? Why do I care if I am weird, anyway?


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