Friday, August 04, 2006


(I don't wish to bore anyone so I won't write about the fact that I am simply sad, that I never lived in this apartment without Tuna and Pomona and that it is very very strange, living like this)

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lodgerlow said...


I think an important distinction to make is that you aren't writing this weblog for us, or to entertain us. This weblog maps how you feel, and what is important to you on any given day. It is natural and reasonable that everything should be overshadowed by the loss of your two dear cats, and in a way it would be dishonest (to yourself) to suggest that there are other more interesting things to write about at the moment.

If you can't bear to write the words which reflect how you feel, then fair enough. But please don't use concern over being boring to the reader to curtail your writing.

As an aside, I opined over my back problem daily for a whole sorry 3 months, and lost loads of my readers. But, fuck, I don't care. That is the ephemeral nature of weblogs, and their visitors, who come and go. But my weblog accurately reflects the magnitude (and all-consuming nature) of the physical pain I went through. I can read any of those entries and see how hopeless and protracted it felt.

Write for yourself M. And, by the way, boring is good.