Monday, August 21, 2006

from the country


This is my friend. She is living in the barn on the property where the house is. She has two other small friends--they are miniature horses, not ponies (?)--and one large, a ftwenty-year-old quarter horse. Mabel thinks they are all dogs, and she wants to play. The first time she saw them was hilarious.

I am having a wonderful time, feeling relaxed and calm. Time moves so much slower here. The nagging things that frustrate me so much seem to recede. Now I am in this café in Hudson where there is wifi. So I have checked my mail, uploaded photos to Flickr, and now figure I will post something to let my readers--if there are any left--know that I am alive and well. I swim in the pool every day. There was a bat in the house last night. I have seen all manner of animals--wild ones--and am eating amazing vegetables that I buy at the numerous farmstands that I find along the roadside. I will return to Brooklyn at the end of the week for two days, and then jet back up here.

I have not gotten tons of concrete work done, but much thinking. I will write more about this when I am at home. I have made some decisions and am considering many things, important things, about my life and how I live it.


medusa said...

Interesting, you are in Hudson? I have family near there.

John said...

How cute is that horse! Glad you're enjoying yourself.

lodgerlow said...

Oh what a wonderfully positive post. I am pleased that good things are coming from this time-away-from-home.

Thierry said...

Enjoy your time there, Jonathan. I'm curious of what big decisions you have made for your life. Are you thinking of moving to France ??? Seriously, that'd be really nice if you came and visit one day. I even have a place for you to stay in Paris now. I'm very excited that B. is coming this week end. That's a great surprise.
I guess you know pretty much there is to know about my life in France from reading my blog. I'm still a sort of "vagabond" - untergeher. But I'm in love. And that's great.
Also, I wish I could come over every once in a while with a bottle of scotch, play with mabel and talk with you. I mean, I miss you.