Tuesday, September 26, 2006


In a comment on my last post, Lodgerlow wrote:

Oh no. It's just not right: a metallic-sand modern car, instead of The Volvo. I'll miss pics of that car.

I too feel sad. I had to move my car to another block just a while ago (the old tired NYC parking drill) and I felt pangs of regret, because I have so many happy memories of the Volvo, and it was the first car that I bought that I really cared about. But I have agonized for months about this. I did the math, and I am paying so much in repair bills that I could easily have been paying for a newer car. If I were wealthy and could afford to indulge in the expense of operating an old car, I would. But the Volvo is no longer reliable; I am nervous to take long trips for fear of some malfunction. If I drove it like a typical non-city-dwelling American, around town and such, I would keep it. But I rarely make trips of less than 100 miles, and thus I rarely use the Volvo because I don't trust it on the road. So I am sad. I will miss my red car. It has such charm. But charm alone isn't cutting it...and one more thing. The Mazda is sporty and handles excellently; it is fun to drive, and that will be a nice change.

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