Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Did It

Well, it's a done deal. I have the car. It is delightful. It is sporty, fast, well appointed, has a good sound system, security, looks almost new with just a few very minor blemishes. And the presence of those little dings relieves me of the burden of waiting for that first one, a rite of passage for a new car owner. As my neighbor said, it's already been blessed. My drive back here from New Jersey, about sixty-five miles, was a breeze. I was sad as I watched the dealer drive the Volvo away, and they did not give me much money for it, but so it goes. I am not a hard-nosed bargainer and was not going to agonize over a few hundred dollars, since this was a car I really wanted. I do understand why the auto people are going so crazy for Mazda, though. It is much more fun to drive than the other inexpensive Japanese cars, Honda-Toyota-Nissan. The only one I can compare it to is the Subaru WRX which is much more expensive. I like it so much that after I got home I gathered up Mabel and took her for a ride (she was nervous at first, because she is only used to my Volvo and doesn't like going into strange cars) and then I did some errands in far-flung places in Brooklyn that are difficult to get to by train. Now I will be taking more frequent weekend jaunts as I used to in the old days when my Volvo was in better shape.

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bq said...

Enjoy your new car and drive safe. It is a cool car.