Saturday, September 02, 2006


All day yesterday the reporters on the radio talked about the wild weather which was to begin last night, with fierce winds and driving rain, risk of flooding, so promising. Before I went to bed I shut windows, which I don't like to do. I was convinced that it would be a crazy night. But I awoke once or twice. Nothing. And at six, when I took Mabel out, it was fairly calm. Oh, the wind blew a bit, but nothing special. A few raindrops fell. Why is it that journalists and media companies always blow things out of proportion? The JonBenet case is another example. Despite all the glaring holes in the case against this strange John Karr guy, one television show after another trumpeted that the case was solved, blah blah blah. And of course the guy is a twisted liar, but he certainly didn't kill that strange puppet-girl.

Nghiem, in a comment on one of my photos, wrote that I looked more content in the country, more serene. He is right. Now I have to figure out how to arrange my life so I can have more of the serenity that being in nature, out of the city, provides.

morning fog

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