Sunday, September 03, 2006


Lodgerlow wrote the funniest comment about the picture of myself smiling that I posted on Flickr. She assumed I never smiled because I had bad teeth. I laughed so much. Actually I have very good teeth. I've never had a filling or a root canal or anything at all. I just get my teeth cleaned. My brother and sister are the same. My mom did not give us candy or soda when we were kids, only occasionally. We didn't have it in the house. I want to get my teeth bleached (vanity) but I can't afford to presently.


lodgerlow said...

Ooh you cheeky devil - mocking my mistake ;-). I, myself, have awful teeth - and I guess I assumed that you did too. I will post up a pic of them, and then you can really have a laugh...

shanecastane said...

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