Monday, October 16, 2006

as bad as it gets

Sting has released a recording of songs by John Dowland, a Renaissance composer. These songs are gorgeous, elaborate yet simple melodies accompanied by the lute. The problem is that Sting sucks, and hearing him sing them on WNYC this morning was horrifying. It is amazing how some singers are so full of hubris that they think themselves viable proponents of this music; the long lines of Dowland's melodies are very difficult for singers, and Sting lacks the control of his voice that this music requires. His intonation is ghastly, and the thin quavery quality is painful to hear. If you are a Sting fan, please skip this post. I will not convince you that he is lame. But he should stick to his own music.

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John said...

Ah, Sting. Like Bono, someone with an immense self-regard. Or so he strikes me. Perhaps I'm being unkind.