Tuesday, October 17, 2006

last one standing?

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It seems that my fellow bloggers have faded away. I persist, stubbornly, as is my habit.

Something is happening to me. I had an appointment with the doctor last evening, so of course I left early so that I could take a romp through Barney's first. But I didn't buy anything! I am glad I still have the capacity to surprise myself.

Apropos my post regarding Sting, yesterday while doing some work in my department office I mentioned hearing it. Several of my colleagues had also heard it, and were equally repulsed. We are not a bunch of classical music snobs. We just recognize when a musician has crossed the line of musical decency. Sting recording the songs of John Dowland is like me recording the complete piano sonatas of Beethoven. I could do it, but why would I, when so many absolutely brilliant people have already done it? And my piano technique is far ahead of Sting's vocal technique.

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